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020101Sludge from washing and cleaning

020102Waste animal tissues

020103Plant tissue waste

020106Animal faeces, urine and manure (including dirty straw), effluent, collected separately and treated elsewhere

020107Forestry waste

020199Waste without other specifications (green and other biodegradable waste)

020201Sludge from washing and cleaning

020202Animal tissue waste

020203Materials unfit for consumption or processing

020304Sludge from local effluent treatment

020299Waste not otherwise specified (biodegradable waste of plant origin)

020301Washing, cleaning, peeling, centrifuging and separation sludge

020303Solvent extraction residues

020304Materials unfit for consumption or processing

020305Sludge from local wastewater treatment

020399Waste not otherwise specified (filtration soil, green and other biodegradable waste, excluding animal waste)

020401Soil from cleaning and washing beets

020402Calcium carbonate out of specification

020403Sludge from local effluent treatment

020499Waste without other specifications (green waste, biodegradable waste and non-compliant product)

020501Materials unfit for consumption or processing

020502Sludge from local wastewater treatment

020601Materials unfit for consumption or processing

020603Sludge from local effluent treatment

020699Waste without other specifications (green and other biodegradable waste)

020701Residues from washing, cleaning and mechanical reduction of raw materials

020702Residues from the distillation of spirits

020704Materials unfit for consumption or processing

020705Sludge from local wastewater treatment

020799Waste without other specifications (biodegradable waste of plant origin and filtration soils

030101Wood and cork debarking residues

030105Sawdust, shavings, planing tapes, wood, chipboards and veneers not covered by 030104

030199Waste not otherwise specified (pellets, cork powder, cork stoppers, biodegradable waste)

030301Wood debarking waste and wood waste

030305Deinking sludge from paper recycling

030307Mechanically separated discards from pulp from waste paper and board

030308Paper and board sorting waste destined for recycling

030309Lime sludge waste

030310Rejects of fibres and fibre sludge, fillers and coatings resulting from mechanical separation

030311Sludge from local effluent treatment, not covered by 030310

030399Waste not otherwise specified (eucalyptus bark, pulp ash)

040107Sludge, especially from local effluent treatment, chromium-free

040210Organic materials of natural products (for example, fat, wax)

040220Sludge from local effluent treatment, not covered by 040219

040221Unprocessed textile fibre waste

070112Sludge from the local treatment of epheluents, not covered by 070111

070612Sludge from local effluent treatment not covered in 070611

100101Boiler ash, slag and dust (excluding boiler dust covered by 100104

100102Fly ash from coal combustion

100103Fly ash from the combustion of peat or untreated wood

100121Sludge from local effluent treatment not covered in 100120

100123Aqueous sludge from boiler cleaning, not covered by 100122

100124Fluidized bed sands

100215Other filtration sludge and cakes

101213Sludge from local wastewater treatment

101304Calcination residues and lime hydration

150101Paper and cardboard packaging

150103Wooden packaging

160306Organic waste not covered by 160305


170504Soils and rocks not covered in 170503

170506Dredging sludge not covered in 170505

190112Ash and slag, not included in 190111

190114Fly ash not covered in 190113

190116Boiler ash, not covered by 190115

190118Pyrolysis waste not covered in 190117

190199Waste not otherwise specified (mixture of waste with RSI 190112, READ 190114, READ 190116, READ 190118)

190501Non-composted fraction of municipal waste and similar waste

190503Out-of-spec compound

190604Sludge and sludge from digesters for the anaerobic treatment of municipal waste and similar

190606Digestate sludge and sludge for anaerobic treatment of animal and plant waste


190802De-sanding residues

190805Urban Wastewater Treatment Sludge

190809 Mixture of fats and oils, from oil/water separation, containing only edible oils and fats

190812Sludge from the biological treatment of industrial waste water, not covered by 190811

190814Sludge from other industrial waste water treatment, not covered by 190813

190901Solid waste from harrowing and primary filtration

190902Water clarification sludge

190903Decarbonization sludge

190904Used activated carbon

191201Paper & Cardboard

191207Wood not covered in 191206

191212Other waste (including mixtures of materials) from the mechanical treatment of waste, not covered by 191211

200101Paper & Cardboard

200108Biodegradable waste from kitchens and canteens

200125Edible oils and fats

200138Wood not covered in 200137

200199Other fractions, not otherwise specified (green waste and biodegradable vegetable waste)

200201Biodegradable waste

200202Dirt & Stones

200301Mixtures of municipal and similar waste

200302Waste from markets

200304Septic tank sludge

200306Waste from sewer cleaning

200399Municipal waste and similar waste, not otherwise specified (wooden furniture, food waste)


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